What’s stopping you from achieving your personal or professional potential?

A simple question without an easy answer.


Once you define what has been limiting you, then you have taken the first step in transforming your life.

If you want to speed up your personal or professional development then begin by defining what success means to you: looking at your goals and dreams. Perhaps your goals do not just include a big house or lots of money, or a luxury car. If that’s not your idea of success, then don’t base your life on copying other peoples’ ideas!  Be really clear what is true, just for you. Decide what your real values are (future blog), as they will keep you on the right track throughout your life.

Then look at what has been getting in the way of you achieving your potential. Your answers might be…. “my mortgage, family commitments or lack of education.”  Those may have been your past excuses. Perhaps you didn’t even know that they have been keeping you from succeeding. So, now dig a little deeper because these aren’t the real reasons.
Eventually you will come to realize that nothing in the external world can hold you back. You achieve or kill success inside your mind. Whether you realize your full potential or not, depends on what you tell yourself & what you believe. These form the basis for all your attitudes, feelings and actions.
At a gut level, you probably realize that nothing outside your mind can determine your reality. Everything you believe in your mind to be true, is true. This is the foundation for the successes or disappointments in your life.
Are you ready make a commitment to achieve your full potential ? – because if you aren’t willing now, when will you be ?  Now is your chance to flip that switch to a “success mindset.”
Your reason for under-achieving is probably because you have been looking to those external factors for success or failure. A success mindset involves looking inside and changing the way you think. You’ll be surprised to learn that this is easier to do than you imagine. First you have to commit to making that change.  Damn it you say, there’s no magic pill!  You can reprogram your mind right now. In fact you are doing it already, as you read this! Now that’s not difficult, is it?
What does this involve? Looking at your values & beliefs; Getting clear what is working for you and what you need to change.  That clears the way for you to begin to change your thinking and start imprinting the new ideas that will help you realize your potential.
If you haven’t taken this type of personal development seriously in the past, then have another look.
Modern science is now demonstrating the power of the brain – its neuroplasticity which enables it to adapt after major trauma. You mind has that same flexibility to begin new habits which will soon become a way of life for you right now……. 21 days of repetition is enough!
– What you believe, you achieve.
– What you think about, happens.
– You can begin the journey to achieve your full potential, right now!
– If you have looked at your life and aren’t satisfied, then change the way you think and you will see the results.
There is only one way to make more money, have more friends, have better personal relationships and achieve greater health, wealth and happiness in your life.
It is so simple and so obvious that most people completely disbelieve it, or refuse to believe it, or simply just don’t care – until, of course, it is too late.
The secret?   To realize your personal potential you have to change (starting with your mind). Then you will become happier and more successful!
as A Course in Miracles says:
‘our greatest tool for changing the world is our capacity to ‘change our mind about the world.’
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